INSPERIENCE "Nature's design"

Mónica Cohen, Founder of Biomimicry Argentina

Introduction of my book 'Insperience ' Nature's design, that share my experience of Biomimcry, including some examples of sustainable architecture, holistic design, and a wise observation of the indigenous people, there philosophy in living in harmony with Nature , the animals, and the plants. We are urged to replicate their modus vivendi instead of contradicting it. Intuition and wisdom are the paths to build bridges between being and Being.


Mónica Cohen, architect and designer, granted, in 2013 the title of Certified Biomimicry Specialist by the Biomimicry Institute, United States. In 2014, with her team, she founded ‘Biomimicry Argentina Network’, a research platform, an interdisciplinary network of creative and innovative people. She is also director, consultant and advisor of ‘Remade in Argentina’ program.