This paper presents an innovative design methodology for students of product design that can serve as a paramount methodology that can be utilized during the creative mental process, when students confront the "blank page" while developing a sketch concept. The FITS methodology was devised in order to leverage the creative thinking in the design process from inspiration to ideation of concept sketches.

The design process involves the need for development of a variety of sketches and forms, which design students often find difficult in terms of creating multiple options of shapes. The multiple options serve as a platform for solutions and assist in fostering the design process. In this methodology, the source of inspiration is dismantled to categories of visual and textual units on cards that later are assembled to a new variety of shapes and forms representing different design concepts. The methodology brings more awareness to intuition towards shape designs and, practically, explores the complex process of emotional, mental and rational attributes that the process involves. A case study performed in a product design class demonstrates how students that implemented this model achieved creative visual strategic thinking that developed their sketching and visualization skills and their form ideation abilities. Thereupon, this model successfully assists in bridging the spectrum between the abstract and the concrete and provides design students with new opportunities for broadening the wealth of forms that they create.

Keywords: Product design education, inspiration, ideation, sketching, form generation.