Bio-inspired inverse internal model feedforward control for UAVphotoelectric platform

ZhiDe Zhang,ZhengJie Wang, Shuo Zhang

School of Mechatronical Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing 100081, P. R. China

The design of UAVphotoelectric platform control system has been widely investigated for decades. One of its key aim is to isolate the UAV bodymotion while keep the line of sight (LOS) tracking the target. Inspired by the head rotation control of dragonfly, this paperpresents a novel inverse internal model feedforward control scheme. The principle of thiscontroller is twofold: 1) an integrated model of the photoelectric platform dynamics combined with the UAV bodymotioninduced disturbance model is established as the internalmodel, 2) The deviation of the system outputis taken as the expected output of the internal model.Furthermore, the internal modelinput is solved by a modified unknown input observer (UIO). Finally the control is completed by the feedforward of solvedinput.The numerical simulation shows theeffectiveness of the controller.